Some Statistics about size distribution of NetNews

Hi, for the work on mcntp, I did some statistics on the distribution on the sizes of news articles. I achieved this histograms by running some feeds a la
with INN and then running the following Perl-Script over it. You can grab the perl script if you want and run your own statistics. If you do so, then please mail me the results at

The resuls are:

First runSecond runThird run
Collected on 96/11/{09,10}Collected on 96/11/{12-15} Collected on ??????
all.all all.all all.all
alt.* alt.* alt.*
alt.*,!alt.bin* alt.*,!alt.bin* alt.*,!alt.bin*
alt.bin* alt.bin* alt.bin*
comp.* comp.* comp.*
de.* de.* de.*

Please note also that there is a different scaling for different sizes:

96/11/11 Heiko W.Rupp
Last updated 98/02/26, hwr